School Information

Mission Statement
The mission of Chilhowie High School is to provide a variety of intellectual, ethical, physical, and social learning experiences that enables students to continually adapt to the demands and pressures of an ever-changing technological and multicultural world.
At Chilhowie High School we subscribe to the following beliefs:
● Students, staff, parents, and the community must share the responsibility for the success of the school’s mission.
● All students can learn, achieve, and succeed although it may be at different levels and in different ways.
● Students need to think constructively and logically, to express thoughts clearly, and to read and listen intelligently.
● Students learn to make appropriate decisions when given a supportive and challenging learning environment.
● The development of analytical thinking skills aids students in the pursuit of employment and higher education.
● Experiencing new technology is imperative for students to adapt to a changing environment.
● Understanding diversity of the world’s people and cultures improves student success in the increasingly global society.
● The reinforcement of basic ethical values and physical fitness provides the basis for a lifetime mental and physical well-being.

Contact Information


Mr. Rocky Baker - Principal
Mrs. Kelly Russell - Assistant Principal 


Phone: 276-646-8966

Fax: 276-646-5951

1160 East Lee Highway
Chilhowie, VA 24319